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  • How to use Access Control

  • Access Control

    Using the access control box is simple. When a guest arrives at the call box he or she will be able to identify you by your last name and {first initial when necessary}. When they locate your name in the directory and press the call button, the call box will dial your number. When you answer, simply press nine (9) on your phone and the door will unlock for entry. You will also receive a code to the above email address to provide to guests so they do not have to look up your name. The purpose of the controlled access systems including the gate and door entry system is to control the flow of traffic and NOT to provide or imply guaranteed security.

    If your community is equipped, you can purchase a Mobile ID FOB. This new App works on iPhone and Android. See video of how this works.

    To purchase, go to Resident / Paypal and find your community. Then choose the Mobile ID FOB from the drop down and click Add to Cart.