• Landlords

  • Dear Landlord / Manager,

    As a reminder, we are here to assist you but we are not an apartment complex. You (the Owner) are responsible to ensure the new tenants, that you have invited into our community, fully comply with all of the rules and regulations at all times. They are your tenants, living in your home. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (844) CPi-MGMT, or email us at info@CPi-MGMT.com with any questions you may have. In an effort to answer many of the most common questions we are providing this page as well as our FAQ section. The website has many useful resources for all community residents.

    If you are new to managing in this community, (or have obtained another Unit), please email info@CPi-MGMT.com and let us know; community, unit, your firm name & number, your name, number & email address. Provide us with a copy of the management agreement, (at least the declaration and signature pages). This will allow us to send you community updates.


    Rules and Regulations


    The above link will walk the tenant through;

    1. Registering for the community
    2. Pet registration
    3. Moving in and out
    4. Finding their utility services
    5. How to provide a key release when warranted
    6. and How to choose the right kind of FOB for building access, if equipped.

    Call or email with any questions you have.


    The CPi-MGMT Team