• Making Payments

    1. Cancel all payments with prior management
    2. Cancel all Bank drafts
    3. Redirect all Bill Pays to the below Remittance address (#8)
    4. Login by hovering over “Residents” above and clicking “Member Login”
    5. Input your Login id and password
    6. Click Pay Assessments
    7. Or click Account Info, then click Pay Now
      1. One time Payments (top of Webpage)
        1. Click the Electronic Check button or Credit Card button and follow the instructions
        2. Click Submit
      2. Recurring Payments
        1. Click the Recurring eCheck button or Credit Card Button and follow the instructions
        2. Set the Processing Day of Month 2

    “Association Name”
    C/O CPi-MGMT
    PO Box 1296
    Commerce, GA 30529

    2 Your Processing Day of Month should precede your Community’s late fee date by 2 to 3 days. If using the credit card option increase this to 5 or 6 days. If you wish to have your first Recurring payment be applied this month, you must set the Processing Day of Month to something after today. Example. Today is May 5. Set the Recurring day to 6-31 to make your payment begin in May. Set the Processing Day of Month to 1-5 to skip May and start in June. Email info@CPi-MGMT.com with any questions on how to set your Processing Day of Month.

    3 Make sure to put your Account Number on all payments. Your Account Number can be found just under your name once you are logged into your account.