• New Owner

  • Dear Homeowner,

    Welcome to CPi-MGMT. We are here to assist you with your transition. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (844) CPi-MGMT, or email us at info@CPi-MGMT.com with any questions you may have. In an effort to answer many of the most common questions we are providing this page as well as our entire FAQ section. The website has many useful resources for all community residents.

    Every Owner must complete #1 – #3. Landlords see #9 below.

    1. Contact info: Click here Owner Contact Information Form to provide all of your information.
    2. Register: Click here How to Register for an Account to register for your account.
    3. Pay: Click here How to make Payments to see payment options.

     Complete #4 -#8 only if and when they apply to you.

    1. Pets: Click here Pet Registration and register your pet.
    2. Move in/ out: Click here Move-in/out Procedures to schedule a move-in or move-out. 1
    3. Utility Services: Find your community under “Resident” and “Utility Providers” to have your electric, water, cable etc., services turned on or off.
    4. Key Release: Should you ever need to provide management permission to release a key to your unit, (vendor, family etc.). Click here Key Release.
    5. Mobile Access ID: Click here Mobile FOB and choose “FOB-Mobile” at the bottom of the page if you want to use your phone like a FOB to access your building.2

     1 Important note: No move in or move out will be permitted unless properly scheduled. All community access devices are disabled upon move out. You must complete #1 above to reactivate any access devices in your name.

    2 If building is equipped. See demo here: http://cpi-mgmt.com/hid/

    9. LANDLORDS – Provide all new tenants with this link http://CPi-MGMT.com/welcome-tenant and a copy of the Rules and Regulations. You are responsible for your tenant’s compliance so please familiarize yourself with the processes above.

    Please keep CPi-MGMT in mind for the sale or rental of your individual unit.


    The CPi-MGMT Team